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Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
pollster will be embarrassed and humiliated or barack obama will be re-elected. >> all right, john, these are not the dwarfs you are looking for. that's a great line. thank you for that one, carl. what time is it? at this moment time for chuck and "the daily rundown. ." >>> the aftermath, dozens of lives lost, millions still without power. hundreds lose their homes in a horrible new york fire and millions more are dealing with damage, floods, and transportation trouble. the cleanup is under way but the shock is far from over even as the first signs of normalcy emerge. after monitoring the storms from the white house, the president is heading to new jersey. he'll join governor chris christie to see the devastation on the ground himself. meanwhile, governor romney, he's back on the trail in florida. there's still just six days until the election. what does that tell us about where the campaign stakes are really in play this morning. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, october 31st, 2012. happy halloween. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to may fi
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
for quite a while right now. but it is important to note that president obama actually leads still in all of them and, in fact, the margins we're often seeing look close to what john kerry carried those states in 2004 versus 2008. but overall this is something -- this is the recognition the power the super pacs are playing. the pro-romney restore in play. other super pacs going in there and that's opened up things a little bit. the biggest question, why didn't we see these moves months ago? >> let me ask you something, are you concerned -- look, the fact of the matter is and i've done some of the math, it is possible and it's not like an out there scenario, that mitt romney could win the national vote by a point and you guys win the electoral college. that would make governing in the second term difficult, would it not? >> i don't know. there is recent precedent for that happening and i think -- >> for six months it was tough for him to govern. >> and on the other hand i think that there's always a time when the country pulls together after an election. i think one thing that hurricane sa
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
in florida. florida could be in the obama victory column and we're counting on it. >> all right. stephanie cutter, rich yesterday said florida double digits, you say florida could win. two very different visions from the campaigns. stephanie, we'll be talking to you. thank you. >> thanks, chuck. >>> the markets are heading into the second full day of trading this week. becky quick is here, market rundown. now we're going to start getting the normal stuff, weekly jobless claims. >> we're getting our groove back. >> what is going on with ford? >> ford just came out and said that the ceo is going to stick around at least through 2014 and that puts to bed some rumors, expectations that he may be stepping down. he says he wants to stay with us and others say he wants to fix the problems in europe. so that's going to be higher. it's just opening right now but it's going to be higher on that. mark fields was promoted. and the other thing you mentioned is the jobs numbers and, chuck, we are getting back to the point where we're getting back to the normal numbers. today we have the adp numbers that
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
does it mean for early voting? governor romney's recent momentum and president obama's chance to look presidential in this final week. >>> one state already feeling the direct effect of the storm is right here just outside of us in virginia today. we're breaking down the recent success for democrats in the old dominion and what are the president's chances to do it again? good morning from a very rainy washington. it's monday, october 29th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. and it's this. a massive category 1 storm, but it's a large one. and it's bearing down on the east coast just eight days before the election. nearly 60 million people are in hurricane sandy's path one way or the other. and it stretches more than 800 miles from north carolina to maine. and as sandy barrels towards the east coast, it is already bringing heavy rainfall and sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour. now, it's not just wind and rain. as much as three feet of snow is forecast in parts of west virginia. officials estimate repairing the damage
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
, potential political upside for a president. obama is not out there on the campaign trail like any candidate. he's in the situation room, being briefed overnight. >> right. this is an opportunity for him to be the president, to be the commander in chief, to make that case. if there's a problem with fema's response, if there's a glitch that develops, but i think a big potential here for president obama in this very, very close race. >> senator lincoln, it's interesting to see when does the president get back on the campaign trail? you would assume new york city looks like it's -- and long island just devastated. under any circumstance that seems to call for a presidential visit at some point. you've got to assume that's going to happen in the next few days. >> i think so. and i think that susan's right. he's got a great opportunity. without a doubt for any credibility either candidate has got to kind of slow down and, you know, put the campaign on hold and really focus on what's happened to the people who have suffered. and i think that's exactly what they're doing. >> mitt romney today, mich
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)